Saturday, February 26, 2011

Buick Verano GS coupe—Ever since the compact Buick Verano was introduced, as only a 4 door sedan, I've wondered what a two-door, or three-door bodystyle would look like. Illustrated above is my interpretation of a three-door hatchback Verano GS, the hottest variety of the newest small Buick. The chrome "eyebrows" over the taillights have been the subject of criticism, but rather than delete them, or make them smaller in some way, I've enlarged them and made them reach all the way across the rear quarter panels to the door handles. I think it's time that chrome side moldings, in a tasteful manner, make their way back onto American cars. In this application, they help emphasize the rear "hips" and lead the eye up and over the rear fenders, wrapping all the way around to the Buick logo on the rear hatch lid.

The original photo I began with, the Verano 4-door sedan. Thank you, Photoshop®!

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