Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two modifications famous house in Britain, Project Kahn and Cosworth Range Rover Sport working together that they named RS500. As a result, the display Range Rover Sport Diesel 4.4 liters of England is the more elegant

A Kahn, the designer and owner of the Project Khan, changing the exterior is categorized as a package of aerodynamic styling with a touch in 10 parts. Changes can be seen from the start more muscular front bumper fog lights combined home and given a large cast steel.

The rear bumper was also replaced, following a diffuser to exhaust, side skirts, vents on the side (behind the front wheels) double. For the development of this body kit, Khan received a certificate from TUV approved by the Germany Automobile Authorities.

Medium exhaust system that uses steel stainlees tilled by Cosworth. Including cardiac pacemaker standard 4.4 liters V8 313 HP has been increased to 500 HP. It's not specified what steps have been done Cosworth. Just mention to boost the power it has used Khan's Intelligent Power (KIP).

What about the interior? Khan called it a project RS500. Here, all the seats covered with leather that was entrusted to the Cosworth. For the dashboard and consuls was coated skin and in certain parts of the dashboard is decorated with chrome. So is the steering wheel and gear stick, silver color combination of black leather, adds a wonderful texture and commensurate with the standard form of the speedometer, engine speed indicator and other features shades of chrome.

RS500 truly captures Project Kahn's ideology of creating individuality high. This was shown not only in the interior, but also by design 22-inch alloy wheels are very artistic. Unfortunately, no mention of funds spent or car prices were the result of modification.

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