Monday, February 21, 2011

Romeo Ferraris has tuned this 500C Abarth to commemorate its own 52nd anniversary.

The Abarth 500C Anniversario features a performance upgrade that dials power up to 203 PS (149 kW / 200 bhp) from the series' 140 PS (103 kW / 138 bhp). The power boosts comes courtesy of an ECU-remap, a new turbine, a sport air filter and a sport exhaust.

Also added are performance (Brembo) brakes, a suspension kit and a mechanical limited-slip differential.

But what stands out here is the two-tone chrome finish to the outside of the 500C Abarth in a silver and red scheme.

On the inside too is red chrome trim complimented by a black leather finish with diamond stitching.

The whole package rides on 8 x 17-inch rims by Romeo Ferraris.

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