Friday, February 4, 2011

kahn-RRs-Range-Rover-Sports-GalleryOur favorite of the pack is the basic model of the RSE TDV6 Signature Edition because it is a diesel and you get lots of mileage, and it is cheaper than the other, while thanks to extensive modifications not most people think of it as a fully fledged Kahn Range Rover with big supercharged engine! Especially as it comes at Project Kahn Acoustic supersound diagonal quad exhaust system.

We also think the body kit TDV6 is also cooler than the other two. With a unit of the front bumper, rear bumper unit, roof wing, dual RS front grille mesh and a pair of bullet side vent inserts, and of course Kahn 22 "RSL Alloy wheel, the car looks much sportier. In Within this cabin features twin custom mesh front headrests, Kahn speedo and rev counter, clock and bezel insert Kahn with Swarovski diamonds, Kahn stainless steel door entry sills and as a reminder of your pride and joy, a leather keyring Kahn.

Going up the list you will find RSE300 Cosworth, a kind of mid-range model, which gets painted signature Kahn floating roof, front bumper with integrated LED lights unit, lower boot spoiler, with a set of Matt Pearl Grey 22 " RS. Meanwhile Cosworth makes you get enough power to outrun the paparazzi!

but if you're a real playa, you would not be satisfied with anything less than the RS600. This fully loaded model gets body kit and custom wheels, plus a unique interior with perforated and quilted leather interior package with logos all round plus RS600 blue speedo and rev counter, blue hour clock for a one exclusive feeling.


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