Sunday, March 7, 2010

There was an autoshow event called Autoshow Final 05 held at Wet World Batu Pahat on 11-Dec-2005, that was the first time I visit a autoshow event. There were a lot of modified car participated, lets watch the pictures below.

Skyline R34 GT Turbo

Nissan Skyline R34 GT Turbo, the FR version of Skyline R34 with RB25DET engine. The design of the spoiler is very unique, I like it.

Waja airbrush

Proton Waja with airbrush, Skyline front bumper and Evo 5 spoiler.

waja evo 8

Proton Waja Evo 8 bodykit, there is a huge dummy intercooler hide inside the bumper to make it looks very aggresive.

wira extreme airbrush

Extreme Proton Wira Aeroback with undersea theme airbrush and custom body kit, or in other word, custom air diffuser/splitter.


Yellow Mitsubishi FTO, the body kit is very attractive. I am regret since I did not snap the front view.

Midified Proton Waja

Proton Waja with Evo 7 style front bumper plus huge size front lips and huge size ducktail spoiler (VIP spoiler).

Midified Proton Waja

Rad color Waja with full body kit.

Midified Proton Waja

Waja C-West front bumper plus Endless car sticker.

Midified Proton Waja

Orange color modified Waja with Skyline front bumper plus dummy intercooler.

Midified Proton Waja

Apple green Waja with Evo 7 style bumper, Evo 7 bonnet and GT wing.

Midified Proton Waja

Modified Waja Evo 7 with HKS Extreme car sticker.

Midified Proton Waja

Gathering of modified Proton Waja. All equipped with GT-wing or spoiler.

extreme waja wide body evo 8
extreme waja wide body evo 8

Extreme wide body Waja with Evo 8 theme modification. The head light has been covered by custom cover to imitate Evo head light, besides that, roof scoop, Evo roof diffuser, huge GT wing, big size offset rims and Skyline style tail light has been installed.

Atos extreme body kit

Atos with extreme body kit and Kicker car sticker, which is one of the famous autoshow car few years ago.

Modified Proton Waja

Modified Proton Waja with custom front bumper, bonnet and Evo 7 spoiler.

Modified Proton Arena

Low rider modified Proton Arena. A pick up transform to VIP style car.

Modified Kenari and Kancil

Group photo of modified Kenari and Kancil.

Modified Proton Waja

Modified Proton Waja in red color with frame theme airbrush.

Modified Proton Waja

Modified Proton Waja with Gran Turismo 2 theme sticker. An autoshow car from team Advanti.

Kancil with Waja vertical headlamp

Perodua Kancil with Waja vertical headlamp. It looks quite strange but unique, cheer for the creativity of the owner

Modified Perodua Kancil

Modified Perodua Kancil with the theme of Nightmare before Christmas.

Modified Perodua Kelisa with custom bodykit by Jine Auto.

extreme body kit

A car with extreme body kit by Jine Auto, what car is this? It is very attractive with the VIP + Racing style + fire flame airbrush.

Kancil Crazy Frog

The Crazy Frog Kancil .

Modified Proton Wira Aeroback by Jine Auto

Modified Proton Wira Aeroback with Evo 7 front bumper, custom bonnet, sport rims, and custom VIP duck-tail spoiler by Jine Auto.

waja spinner rim

Modified Proton Waja. Look at the wheel, there is a rim spinner on the rim just like the car inside the game Need For Speed Underground 2.

modified cefiro a31

Modified Nissan Cefiro A31 with Skyline R32 tail light. Most of the Cefiro A31 are modified for drifting, very few for autoshow purpose.

Autoshow car on a trailer

Autoshow car on a trailer, just arrived for the show.

toyota celica

Old Toyota Celica with GT wing.

Modified Proton Arena

Modified Proton Arena owned by Traffic Magazine.

crx autoshow

Honda CRX autoshow car. First time I saw a modified CRX for autoshow purpose.

Kancil wide body

Wide body Perodua Kancil. The rims look very small, it will looks better if equipped with large diameter rims.

Modofied Toyota Corolla Seg

Modified Toyota Corolla Seg by 4GT. Got roll cage inside!

Modified Proton Waja

Modified Proton Waja with Evo 8 front bumper and Evo 6 spoiler from team Advanti.

Extreme Perodua Kenari wide body audio car

Extreme wide body Perodua Kenari Move audio car with large diameter offset rims. This is the widest Kenari I have seen.

Modified Honda Civic EK

Modified Honda Civic EK. I like the Top Fuel sticker and its plate number.

Modified Honda Accord

Modified Honda Accord SM4 with custom bodykit. It looks a bit like a R34.

extreme kancil

What car is this? looks like a Kembara, actually it is an Kancil with extreme wide bodykit. Can you believe it is a Perodua Kancil?

Extreme Wira wide body by KTS Motor Sport

Extreme wide body Wira by KTS Motor Sport. Which is one of the famous autoshow car few years ago. I like the airbrush style and scissor doors.

Modified Honda City by AL Motorspor

Modified Honda City with custom bodykit by AL Motorsport.

Modified Perodua Kenari

Modified Perodua Kenari with custom body kit. Is this the Honda Accord Headlamp?

Modified Proton Waja

Modified Proton Waja with Mazda 6 look.

Modified Wira Aeroback with DC5 look

Modified Wira Aeroback with Integra DC5 look.

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