Sunday, August 17, 2008

Well guys, the people who knows me knows that after my intership at Airdesign i wanted to study Product design at the ITESM (tec de moterrey) one of the most expensive schools in Mexico. It isn't bad at all but probably -at least in design- needs more recognizement.

So... i went there, asked for the admission exam and.... i failed the exam!! dam!!.... thats why i asked to the IED... for somekind of help, of scolarship (because Europe is so expensive) and they gave me the option of a design contest :) the task;

Design for your idol. so i began to work in another Ferrari, (in fact is displayed at the top of the page) and is beautiful !!

Sometime later i send my entry card, and my design, and i've got a very good new!!

They accepted me with an scolarship of 80% for the first year.... great, but i still have to pay the ticket to get there, accomodation, meals, matherials....etc. etc.. visa. (so if you know of a
anyway, is a great chance and ill be working so dam hard to probe that i really deserve this.

This is something sad at the same time, because at least in Mexico there isn't any decent school of car design, and i'll have to leave my country, my people, my friends, my girlfriend...
but at the same time i always wanted to be in Italy (specially Turin) and learn from the "masters".

My first entry in english,... the spelling is fine?. :)

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